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Breaking: Two vehicle crash leaves one car into a house and closes Station Avenue in Yarmouth
Thursday February 29, 2024
YARMOUTH ? A two-vehicle crash reportedly caused one car to crash into a house. The crash happened shortly after 6 PM Thursday on Station Avenue at Lambert Road across from Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School. One person was transported to Cape Cod Hospital with unknown injuries. Station Avenue was closed in the area while the scene [?] The post Breaking: Two vehicle crash leaves one car into a house and closes Station Avenue in Yarmouth appeared first on CapeCod.com.
High Wind Warning For Cape And Islands Until 7 A.M. Thursday
Thursday February 29, 2024
HYANNIS ? Eversource is responding to power outages from Wednesday's rain-and-wind storm on Cape Cod which is continuing to affect the region tonight. Eversource has taken care of about 700 outages in Barnstable and Yarmouth, while new outages are being reported at this hour in Bourne. Earlier this evening, Bourne police closed the area of [?] The post High Wind Warning For Cape And Islands Until 7 A.M. Thursday appeared first on CapeCod.com.
Yarmouth Wastewater Plans Breaking Ground
Wednesday February 28, 2024
YARMOUTH ? Yarmouth is breaking ground on the next phase of their wastewater plans as water quality across the region continues to see declines. The ceremony is set for 10 am March 14 at the South Shore Drive infrastructure project including a new main facility, five pump stations, and 15 miles of gravity and force [?] The post Yarmouth Wastewater Plans Breaking Ground appeared first on CapeCod.com.
Tuesday February 27, 2024
HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS ?  As HN initially reported, at around 4:20 p.m. this past Saturday ? February 24, 2024 ? Barnstable Police patrol units responded to the vicinity of West Hyannisport Circle for a report of a male wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans, who appeared to be under the influence of something, prowling around someone's yard, picking up ?random stuff.? HN had turned into the West Hyannisport Circle neighborhood right when a woman came out into her front yard and flagged down a nearby cruiser, stating someone had just broken into her home. The woman and her daughter could be seen in the front doorway as Barnstable Police Patrolman Adam Ruggieri already had the young man in custody and was in the process of escorting him out of the home.  (see HN photos) Zion Alexander Graner, 30, of West Yarmouth was placed under arrest for reportedly breaking and entering into the woman's home. It was an upsetting ordeal for the woman and her children, to say the least. While taking photos, HN observed the mother appearing overcome with shock and anger (understandably). She shouted at the man being led away in cuffs, ?Are you [f***ing] crazy!?  telling officers the intruder said he was looking for drugs.  In apparent disbelief, she asked officers, ?How is he out of jail? I just watched him getting arrested a couple of hours ago! ? He just literally broke into my house!? She continued angrily, while apologizing for raising her voice, ?I'm sorry, I'm super upset!? The young man was barefoot. When officers asked where his shoes were, he replied, ?They're in a house.? He then went on mumbling about his shoes as officers stuffed him into the backseat of one of their squad cars. According to an arrest report filed by Patrolman Ruggieri: ?Graner appeared to be under the influence of narcotics again, and had no shoes or personal belongings, which he was released with from custody approximately 4 hours prior. Graner was unable to determine where his shoes or belongings were or how he ended up in the same area again. There was concern by several neighbors as they had called and or witnessed Graner be arrested earlier in the day for the breaking and entering, and only a few hours later found breaking into a residence 2 houses down.? According to Patrolman Ruggieri's report, the victims were described as being ?extremely unsettled and upset that Graner, who is a stranger and unknown to them, had entered their residence without permission and began walking around the house.? He reportedly walked in and completely surprised the woman's children and refused to leave their home on his own. But the aforementioned B&E was reportedly not the first time Graner had taken the neighborhood's children completely by surprise this past Saturday. According to an arrest report filed by Patrolman Reese Fallon of the BPD, earlier Saturday, at around 8:20 a.m., he was dispatched to the same West Hyannisport Circle neighborhood for a report of a man trying to break into a completely different home. While investigating the reported B&E in progress, officers encountered Zion Graner in the kitchen of a home on Homeport Drive. There were two teenagers standing behind Graner in their kitchen. When officers asked the female teen whether she knew the man, she ?nervously shook her head no.? Police reportedly determined that Graner had absolutely no right to be inside the home on Homeport Drive. When being placed under arrest he was reportedly asked if he was under the influence of drugs or booze, to which he denied. One of the arresting officers reportedly observed ?an orange-colored powder in and around his nose.? The teenage girl told officers she had been asleep when she woke to her dog barking. Her father was already at work, and she went downstairs to be completely surprised by the strange man standing in her kitchen. She went back upstairs to get her brother (she reportedly had two brothers upstairs, one reportedly was asleep). The girl reportedly told officers she had never seen Graner in her life. The father was contacted, and officers reportedly confirmed Graner had absolutely no right to be inside their home. Another B&E victim, at a nearby, separate residence on Homeport Drive, reportedly showed officers security camera footage of Graner trying to gain access to their home. Graner was arrested for both alleged A.M. Breaking and Enterings, and booked on the two charges at around 8:50 a.m., at BPD Headquarters. While in custody, Graner reportedly appeared to be under the influence of an unidentified narcotic. He was eventually transported to Cape Cod Hospital by Hyannis FD. At the hospital Graner was eventually cleared of all medial concerns and reportedly transported back to the BPD where he made his phone call. He was released from custody after Bail commissioners reportedly ?set his bail to a personal recognizance of $40.00.? Graner was released from police custody around 1:00 p.m. Saturday, according to police sources. For unknown reasons which still have police and victims scratching their heads, he then made his way back to the same neighborhood, got high and somehow lost his shoes along the way, before being confronted and arrested again inside the third (P.M.) B&E scene, just a few doors down from the initial Homeport Drive (A.M.) B&E scenes. Saturday evening at BPD Headquarters, Sergeant Bird told HN that Graner would definitely not be let loose a second time prior to his arraignment? which was expected to be held yesterday ? Monday, February, 26, 2024. P.S. ? Today's Hytown Vignette is brought to you by Dexter Gordon?  [CLICK IT/CRANK IT! HEADPHONES ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY!]   * The details contained in the above HN report are based on police radio transmissions, information on scene, information at BPD Headquarters, and BPD arrest reports. The defendant is presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. ADDITIONAL HN PHOTOS FROM SATURDAY'S SCENE:      
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